During the Colorado City Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet on Friday March 3, 2023. CES/CMS Principal Lorianne Toombs stood before the banquet crowd and read a heartfelt nomination for the CISD Outstanding Educator Award for 2022. In result, Mrs. Peggy Reese was the person who was being so fondly described. 

Mrs. Reese's nomination read as follows:

"There is nothing better than celebrating outstanding educators and this year we have an amazing one.  Words and phrases that have been expressed when describing this amazing individual are passionate, collaboration, individual student needs addressed and mastery seen, encouraging, benchmark set for all teachers, fostering learning goals for a diverse group of students, data loving teacher, and the biggest cheerleader.

Her successes were seen from back in 2013 at Wallace Accelerated School. The school went into Improvement required.  Through her dedication to her students and effective instruction, and a touch of love and grit, the results were remarkable.  That year they enjoyed the highest graduation rate in its history.  Her successes are still witnessed today and her students will gladly share those successes with anyone that asks.  She runs a tight ship, but her love and passion for students creates the perfect learning atmosphere.  She is part of the dynamic duo in elementary special education at Colorado Elementary School.

 As her husband has expressed, as challenging as it was (and I’m going to add as challenging as it continues to be) to ensure success for such wide range of diverse learners, her dedication to her students, to the art of teaching, and to her team is remarkable.   As her principal, she continues to be not just an advocate for the students, but she is always a bright and shining example that motivates me daily.  Congratulations to the Colorado ISD’s Outstanding Educator, Mrs. Peggy Reese."

Mrs. Reese, we are proud to call you our own! Thank you, for leaving your mark on our students, our community and our district.