Cell Phone Policy

Greetings Wolf Nation Parents/Guardians and Community:

 We as a campus wanted to let everyone know of a change on the high school campus as it pertains to cell phones.

 Cell Phone Policy for CHS campus:

 Student cell phones will be collected at the beginning of each class by teachers. Students have 4 minutes between periods in which to check their phones for texts and to make calls if needed, however when they enter their classrooms, phones will be put in teacher directed areas and not touched again until after class. Below is a schedule of our high school campus with class times and passing periods. Please use this schedule if you need to contact your student during the day. If you have an emergency please contact our school office and we will immediately get your student and have them contact you. Thank you for your support and understanding as we try to increase student engagement and educational values.

CISD phone number:  325-728-5312

CHS campus number: 325-728-3424